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Trampoline Girl Avatar
Our newest game is Trampoline Girl. Now stand back because it’s not at all what you’re thinking. Nope, not that either. Yep, it’s a really super cute and flirty girl bouncing on a trampoline. Oh, that’s what you thought? Well then you are really smart and should buy a copy today by clicking here. It’s only 99 cents!

Trampoline Girl does the splits in mid air!
Trampoline Girl is tons of fun. She wants to bounce but needs your help. You control how much force she bounces with, and when you get her to bounce high enough she will do some awesome tricks for you. In fact the higher you take her, the better the tricks she performs for you. But don’t take her too high or else!

Trampoline Girl pike animation
• Sexy fun girl bouncing on a trampoline
• Great giggles and gasps
• Lots of different tricks to entertain you
• See how many tricks you can get her to do in a row
• Higher bounces equal better tricks
• Treat her well or she get’s pissed off
• 2 ways to control her - stroke the screen or tilt the device
• For iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad
• Only 99 cents!
• What are you waiting for?
• Still reading? Seriously, just buy it now!

For more info and screen shots, visit the Trampoline Girl page or see her on Face Book