We now have two great games for you to choose from: Trampoline Girl and The Enigma Machine. Exclusively for the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad.

Crude Games is proud to introduce you to our newest game: Trampoline Girl.

She’s the super cute girl on your block, and she just loves to bounce and bounce on her trampoline. But she needs your help to bounce to just the right height where she can perform her tricks. You want to see her do her tricks, don’t you? Won’t you help her be happy and bouncy? She’ll giggle if you do.

Only 99 cents gives you the ability to play with our hot little Trampoline Girl. So little for so much. Click here to Buy It Now at the App Store!

Click now to visit the Trampoline Girl Page for more info and screenshots.

This challenging, brain teasing game mixes the vocabulary skills of Scrabble™ with the logic challenges of Sudoku™ to provide hours of riveting gameplay. Set in 1940, you assume the role of a British WWII codebreaker. Do you have the skills to crack the Enigma machine?



“The Enigma Machine is a polished and classy version of the classic password/color guessing games from the good ol’ days.” --iPhoneGameNetwork.com

"Download the game and get cracking the code. " --iPhoneApps.org

“Overall The Enigma Machine is a solid and fun word game that will surely give you a great mental workout." --touchmyapps.com

See how The Enigma Machine works with our Video Demos!

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