This challenging, brain teasing game mixes the vocabulary skills of Scrabble™ with the logic challenges of Sudoku™ to provide hours of riveting gameplay. Set in 1940, you assume the role of a British WWII codebreaker. Do you have the skills to crack the Enigma machine?



“The Enigma Machine is a polished and classy version of the classic password/color guessing games from the good ol’ days.”

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“Overall The Enigma Machine is a solid and fun word game that will surely give you a great mental workout."

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May 11th, 1940
Bletchley Park, England

This Enigma machine was captured from the Nazi submersible U-110 off the coast of Norway by the Destroyer HMS Griffin.  It was learned from the U-boat commander that the ciphers encrypted using this machine are based off a KEYWORD of 3 to 5 letters in length.  As an agent of Bletchley Park, it is your job to figure out this KEYWORD.
So begins your mission to decrypt the Enigma machine, a cryptography machine used by the Nazis and captured by the British.  As an agent of Bletchley Park, site of secret British codebreaking activities during World War II, you must put all your skills to the test to decipher the KEYWORD stored in the Enigma machine, assisting the war effort to defeat the Nazis.   
Combining the logic skills of Sudoku and the vocabulary skills of Scrabble,  Enigma is a game unlike any other.   
Will you break the code of the Enigma machine, or will it break you?

Key Features
-Well over 10,000 KEYWORDS are possible giving you endless hours of unique brain-racking fun
-Includes a dictionary feature to expand your vocabulary from obscure KEYWORDs
-Has two valuable mnemonic  devices to help you keep track of letters
-World War II intuitive interface immediately places you into an authentic experience of an code cracking agent
-A Job Rating System of 1 (best) to 9 (worst) evaluates your logic and vocabulary prowess
-Three levels of fun – 3, 4 or 5 letter KEYWORD modes
-Easy to learn, difficult to master

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